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Microline designs and manufactures automated and modular equipment for functional testingof  washing machines and dishwasherscomponents such as water and detergentdispensers, flow switches and solenoid power.

Equipment is suitable to  the production lineand laboratory, provide the ability to manage tests and sequences individually or set an automatic sequence of execution of a full testing.

Here, beside an image of  the manual version.

Measurements and tests available


  • Air leak test
  • Motor supply
  • Ohm measurement
  • Dielectric strength
  • Test for moptor R+C filter presence
  • Test for timing cam switch
  • Test for motor winding resistance
  • Good/reject history database
  • Test for heating resistance ohmic
  • Test for water cleanless sensor
  • Test for timing cam false switch

Equipment on palletized line with vision system integrated

Product assembling and testing are carried out in different workstations arranged along a palletized transporting ring.
At the line end an anthropomorphic robot places the products in specific positions for testing and unloading good parts anf rejetcts.

Different functional tests are executed, such as the tightness test of welds and seals, the functional control of the covers of sparkling aid and washing powder through opening and closing tests, float switch and actuator vibration test.

Two artificial vision system are integrated for the dimensional verification of the vent and of the marking completeness.

Robot served island

The bench produced by Microline is integrated into a functional testing isle dedicated to detergent distributors and composed by 6 testing benches serviced by two robots, for the compliance with the expected cycle times.

This bench, in particular, carries out automatic tests on the covers of the detergent distributors by acting on the pushbutton for opening the door in pneumatic way: test of correct closing and test on the pushbutton for the opening of the powder cover.

It is provided with vision system to carry out tests of seal presence/orientation, hole presence, verifications of conformity/integrity of product parts and delivery conditions.