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Microline manufacture several test rig for brushless or universal washing machine motor.

Test on universal washing machine motor

The test rig consists of 18 testing station, all manageable in single and independent way through a single control board with video touch-screen controls. The values that can be displayed are the following: rotation sense, speed (RPM), absorbed current, supply voltage, temperature of the motor under testing and of the brake motor and finally, testing time.

Rotary table for brushless or universal washing machine motor


The rotary table to test washing machine drum motor consists of four stations.

The first station is dedicated to the loading and unloading of the product, it is provided of barcode reader to ensure traceability and mechanics to diversify good/failed. The second one performs electrical safety test, dimensional and presence of pieces test. The third station performs vibration tests on three axes and performance tests. The fourth one is equipped with vision system for control of correctness of the motor pulley and print and apply label of the product.