Microline proposes a different approach for the solution of industrial inspection and monitoring problems: Vision System.

Vision System Potentials

Inspection through Vision System custom designed has many potentials in production monitoring and in quality checking. It is applicable to several sectors and allow to solve many issues, such as:

  • character recognition
  • inspection for presence/absence of pieces
  • surface inspection
  • non-contact measurements
  • recognition and classification
  • bar-code reading
  • colour and shade inspection
  • details highlighting
  • robot guide


Deep Learning

Deep learning is a complementary tool to traditional artificial vision. Algorithms such as the search for geometric patterns and edge detection are always the best way to provide sub-pixel accuracy, ideal for robot guidance and precision measurements. Deep learning, on the other hand, is the right solution to provide a human judgment on the quality of the objects inspected and on other decisions based on learning through examples.

Unlike generic deep learning platforms, Cognex ViDi is dedicated to industry: it has a high computing power, a high offer variety depending on the product to be analyzed, it needs few data, it is very fast to be implemented, …

It allows the objectification of processes such as:

  • quality check
  • search for defects
  • identification of differences
  • recognition and classification
  • reading of characters
  • localization and counting


This ensures justification of a very short term investment.

Microline integrates Vision Systems in its test equipment so that customers are ensured greater safety for end applications.