prodotti-plasticiVision system to check for the correct functioning of connectors or other pressing components

The equipment uses a black and white camera to analyze the product, specified by a manual loading transport system which will allow the equipment to work independently during periods when the intervention of operators is not needed.
An electric test is associated to the visual system activity in order to detect the presence of the metal faston within the tested object.

The whole test result will be revealed through lit signals ( good/reject/running test) and/or acoustic signal (that can be turned off).
There is also a physical sorting out of rejects, which will be gathered in ground containers, (not included) pre-arranged by the operators..

Available tests

– Inspection for metallic piece presence, electrically tested
– Upper side flatness of the product under test, with >0,5mm accuracy

Integrated processor

The integrated vision system used is provided with an integrated processor within the camera with digital input and output points and an Ethernet communication port.
It is thus self-contained and does not need any accessories like PC or PLC to handle the image analysis.