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YatYat is a software for managing and implementing the testing sequences described through SSL ( Simple Sequence Language) programming language.

The SSL language is a language, developed by Microline, with which it is possible to create either simple sequences of tests to carry out, or complex programs that use instruments like macros, conditional drops, variables and other.

Yat has been designed using a modular approach, in order to make the interface easily configurable; Yat basic version contains the principal functions, whereas all the extra functionalities and those created specifically for a client are left in supplementary modules (add-ons) which are loaded at the start according to the chosen configuration.

Main functionalities:

– Building of testing sequences
– Data collecting and storing
– Setting of single test sequence data
– Possibility to build sub-sequences (set-up/clean-up)
– Possibility to have “If … Then” structures
– Variable data management
– Macro sequences management
– Script execution (code C#)
– Management of background running processes (demons)
– Management of report printing in HTML format, based on settable models

Main features:
– Microsoft .Net framework 4.5 based
– Data storing using different formats (also contemporaneusly):

  • text formats (.csv, .xml, .html, .pdf, …)
  • database formats (Access, sqlite, ..)
  • server based formats (Mysql, PostgreSQL, ..)
  • Testing sequences are edited on a text file using SSL programming language
    – User interface: “dockable” format, dynamic and configurable, with possibilità to add or hide panels
    – Authorization management
    – Minimal requirement: Windows 7

Multi-process execution:

Yat allows a multi-threading execution, i.e. it allows the concurrent execution to more than one sequence; these sequences can also interact among themselves, allowing for a bigger processing flexibility.
The sequence execution and all aspects of visualisation, hardware communication or error handling are managed by the execution motor.
The number of motors Yat can handle is only determined by the specifications of the PC which Yat is being run on.

In association with YAT Microline supplies the Software REA3