Gas appliance and Heating



The test equipment is designed forfunctional tests on the production line of water-circuit componentsin electrical appliances and the like.

In particular, pumps for home boilers with oil burners.

Testing uses two test stations, expandable to three to meet possible future needs to reduce cycle times.

The products are picked using a double grab, controlled by a linear positioner, completely automatically.

The functional tests are performed by two Microline MPLEAK automatic testing stations, which test the tightness of pressure vessels.

Tests available

TIGHTNESS TEST with two failure levels

  • Max inlet pressure: 22 bars
  • Max operating pressure: 20 bars
  • Range of readings: 10 mbars
  • Reading resolution: 0.005 mbars
  • FS accuracy: 0.5%

Values displayed:
– Operating pressure
– Leaks in the circuit

Settable values:
– Filling time
– Stabilisation time
– Test time
– Max leak allowed on two failure levels
– Drain time
– Manual test pressure

In addition, a calibration self-test is available using a sample leak.

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