The PRESSURE DROP TEST FOR AIR FILTERS is used to test the performance of dry type inlet air cleaning equipment for internal combustion engines and compressor, generally used on automotive or industrial applications, following ISO 5011:2020 rules.
Test shall be performed on complet air cleaner assembly or on single air cleaner elements.

Air flow restriction or differential pressure test are performed to eveluate the pressure loss across the unit under test which will result when air is passed through under predetermined environmental and process conditions. Other test on request, as required from cited rules.

The equipment is installed inside a climatic cell able to reach and maintain the testing environmetal conditions required. One turbine flow generator is used to provide the needed air flow, installed inside one soundproof chamber placed outside the climatic cell.

Compliance with the measurement accuracy imposed by the norms is achieved with the aid of state-of-the-art and high-precision instrumentation.

The interface software is used to define, view and monitor the test phases.

The numerical and graphic presentation of the results obtained is a valid help to define the improvements to be made for the development of the product and to monitor its characteristics over time.


– airflow up to 2.000kg/h.
– pressure drop up to 10.000Pa
– flow-meter range: low 50-750kg/h, high 500-2.000kg/h
– test conditions: 23+/-2°C, RH 55+/-15%
– ambient conditions: +15/+30°C, RH% TBD
– turbine air flow generator 12.000Pa@2.000cbm/h
– overall dimensions (w,d,h) 5.000,2.000,2.800mm