Microline – Test equipment custom designed since 1986

Since 1986 Microline has been creating systems and equipment and rigs for electrical safety and functional tests to verify conformity to any required standards, international UNI and CEI norms and company production parameters.

Test equipment and test rig are designed and assembled to customer’s specific needs; in this way the Microline’s test rig adapts perfectly to the different types of products to be tested, for line-end tests, laboratory tests, quality control, including the possibility to integrate with production lines.

The employment of Microline test equipment or Microline test rig is necessary to comply the product with international UNI and CEI norms and standards, but the result is also a higher quality product, with financial advantages for the company as well as in terms of image.


The software, hardware, electromechanics and pneumatics of each piece of equipment are developed by Microline.

The technologies employed are advanced and flexible, software is customized and can be integrated perfectly into the company’s computerized information structure, and they can control every process and provide reports, information and statistics.

The Microline company has an open structure, attentive to the new needs that the market continuously imposes.


Our eclectic, creative engineers have gained a great deal of experience about electrical safety and functional testing, from their many years of study and work and can solve many hardware and software problems involving a varied range of sectors.

The ability of our technical staff also guarantees understanding of customer’s needs.