Gas appliance and Heating


Life tests on boilerscaldaie_vita_13

Microline equipment for life tests on boilers is semi-automatic, modular and suitable forlaboratory tests.

The equipment submits boilers to heavy-duty life cycles, accelerating wear on them.

The benches are made up of modular units that can be connected to the services distribution collectors in a variable number from 1 to 400 units ; each unit provides hydraulic connection for heating, domestic hot water and gas boiler circuits.

The boiler heating circuit can be filled with water treated to further accelerate the aging process on the boiler being tested.

The thermic load to the boiler is provided by suitably proportioned braze welded plate heat exchangers which are easily replaced.

Corrosion life test on boiler

This corrosion life test bench is suitable for laboratory tests over heating wall hung gas boilers.


Life tests on boiler components

This equipment, like that for boiler life tests, also submits components for boilers to a heavy-duty life cycle.

The bench is made to connect a number of components simultaneously and is used to submit them to accelerated thermic stress cycles.

The benches are used to detect critical components and check improvements made to their design.

Available Measurements and Tests

  • Gas and water flow
  • Typical boiler temperatures
  • Automatic count of thermic stress cycles