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For the leak and the flow test, Microline proposes a series of automatic equipment that uses air, gas or gas mixes to check the input and tightness of gas or hydraulic circuits.

Portable test rig: MPLEAK MPFLOW

Microline MPLEAK is a leakage test rig designed to check tightness of gas circuits and pressure vessels, using air.

The Microline standard requires that the tightness test is carried out at 150 mbar (for gas circuits) and up to 12 bar (for hydraulic circuits). Pressures different from these must be specified and agreed.

The Microline MPFLOW, the flow testing version of MP, is used to measure air flow in pneumatic circuits. The test is made by measuring the drop in pressure through three gauged flanges by the same number of measuring scales.

Microline MPFLOW can also be used to measure air flow on refrigeration capillary tube. In this case measurements are taken with a mass flow transductor.
A rapid connection to the capillary tube is placed directly on the front of the Microline equipment.

The test  equipment is used to rapidly detect refrigeration capillary tube that have internal obstructions, even only partial.

Fixed test rig: Microline LF series and HL100

LFThe series LF automatic test equipment is custom designed to test: gas cookers, gas cookers hobs and combustion chambers on hermetic boilers.

The LF series test rig concerning gas cookers and gas cookers hobs performs air tightness, air and/or gas flow tests and other functional tests such as safety thermocouple cut-in.

With regard to testing combustion chambers on hermetic boilers, this test rig is designed to test tightness with high flow (up to 1500 nl/h) and values of very low pressure (0.5 to 5 mbar).

In both cases supply pressure regulation is automatic and flow is measured with a mass sensor.

As the test equipment is modular, the tests can be modified and/or integrated with those for electrical safety (earth efficiency, insulation resistance, dielectric strength, residual voltage, leakage current).

02HL100 is automatic test equipment for heat exchangers dedicated to checking tightness in gas circuits or hydraulic circuits.
It uses a mix of tracer gas: hydrogen and nitrogen, which is non-inflammable and environmentally friendly.
Standard technical specifications:

– automated custom connections for quick connection to the items being tested;

– possibility to pre-check tightness in a vacuum or under air pressure, to seek out serious leaks;

– end of test automatic washing cycle for the item being tested, to avoid contamination which could affect measurement.


Air leak

Input pressure 6 bar 6 bar 18 bar 6 bar
Test pressure 100-250 mbar 5 bar 15 bar 0.5-5 mbar
Measuring range da 20 a 150 cc/h da 0.1 a 10 mbar da 0.1 a 10 mbar 100-1500 l/h
Resolution 1 cc/h 0.01 mbar 0.01 mbar 2 l/h


Input pressure 6 bar < 50 mbar, 100-200 mbar, other on request
Full scale 500-1000-2000 l/h 1-20 m3
Output pressure stabilized stabilized or
automatically regulated
Measuring range 4 scale con autorange on request

Leakage with tracer gas mixture

Input pressure 6 bar 200 bar, cylinder
Test pressure 100-200 mbar 1-15 bar
detectable leak
2 cc/h 2 cc/h