Gas appliance and Heating


This assembly and testing line is dedicated to boiler hydraulic unit.

For production flexibility reasons most of the components are assembled on manual posts equipped with tools which minimize the operators’ mistakes and physical efforts.

The product to be tested, the hydraulic group, moves in a ring through the testing posts: the palleted line carries the product to the various automatic assembly points for standard components and seal testing, functional testing, components’ presence and correct orientation and also with the help of artificial vision systems to the final check of the actual positive result for all envisaged tests.

The automatic separation of accepted and rejects with model chronological traceability is provided for.

Available tests

  • head gasket presence + various OR presence
  • separation bulkhead leakage
  • external overall leakage
  • 3 way actuator functionality while moving (time reduction for simultaneous testing)
  • pressure switch/sensor functionality while leakage tests running (time reduction for simultaneous testing)
  • Hall sensor, flowmeter + flow switch functionality
  • presence test and correct orientation test on the non-return valve
  • pump test
  • automatic charging valve test
  • vibrations test with spectrum control accelerometer
  • vision system integration for components and marks presence/absence testing
  • ohmic NTC and electrical winding value