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02HL100 is dedicated to checking tightness in gas circuits or hydraulic circuits for heat exchangers.
It uses a mix of tracer gas: hydrogen and nitrogen, which is non-inflammable and environmentally friendly.
Standard technical specifications:

-automated Custom connections for quick connection to the items being tested;
– possibility to pre-check tightness in a vacuum or under air pressure, to seek out serious leaks;
– end of test automatic washing cycle for the item being tested, to avoid contamination which could affect measurement.


Technical specifications

Leakage with tracer gas mixture
input pressure 6 bar 200 bar, cylinder
test pressure 100-200 mbar 1-15 bar
detectable leak
2 cc/h 2 cc/h

Nitrogen-loading equipment: CN2 e CN2-D

CN2 and CN2-D are systems capable of carrying out flow cycles and loading of nitrogen or other non-corrosive mixes, on heat exchangers or any pressure vessels.

CN2 is semi-automatic equipment that can be programmed to create a single loading cycle at programmable pressure, with manual flow activated by means of a push button.

CN2-D goes one step further; it is automatic with programming potential to create complete flow and loading cycles. It is provided with a buzzer to signal end of flow to the operator, who simply pushes the start button in order to continue. As an alternative, separate cycles can be carried out by selecting them with the keyboard or reading a bar code. Print-outs can also be made.