Gas appliance and Heating


The equipment is a gas filling bench for production purposes, suitable for capillary provided devices as bulb thermostats and thermostatic valves.

Technical specifications

Filling blend 5 refrigerants + He +N2+ mixturea
Charging positions 10
Total charging volume from 80 to 400 ccm
Cycle time, including operator activity 240 sec (for ten pieces)
Maximum He mixing pressure from 25 to 400 mbarA
He mixing pressure accuracy +/-3 mbar
Maximum refrigerant +N2 mixing pressure until 18 barA
Refrigerant +N2 mixing pressure accuracy +/-10 mbar

The system is able to reach and hold, automatically, the prescribed working conditions in a steady and repeatable way, in accordance with specification supplied by Customer.
Software gives the possibility, in a full automatic way, to fill in 1 or 2 or 3 gases in accordance with needs, for example He and N2 only. Details will be defined with Customers.
I dettagli saranno definiti dal Cliente.
Process information regarding blends and P/Ns characteristics can be stored inside the equipment and barcode selected or manually, or fully received from a separated production management system.

Equipment Description

The gas charging system is mainly composed of three units, as follows:

Conditioning and Gas Filling Unit
Including all necessary equipments to mix and prepare the right blend to be charged and the mechanical bench for the operator manual loading and unloading activity, including a ten positions automatic capillary crimping system and the vacuum pump.
Two charging cylinders are alternatively used; it’s useful to increase the efficiency of the system.
A leakage control will be executed during vacuum phase and charging phase.Ten product-charging positions are foreseen, working all together or partially.

Storage station
It’s a gas recipients storage cabinet organized for 5 thermally controlled separated positions.
The refrigerant gas unload from recipients will be made only under liquid phase. Recipients should have a maximum diameter of 300mm and not higher than 1.800mm.

Control cabinet
Containing all the electromechanical, electronic and acquisition devices necessary for the system control.