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  • Earth continuity
  • Insulation resistance
  • Dielectric strength
  • Residual voltage
  • Earth leakage current
  • Absorbed power
  • Short circuit

Summarizing technical data table

The mentioned tests and relevant values are the Microline standard; on request they can be modified and/or integrated.

Microline Equipment

Microline MP500/510 ESC800/830/1000/3000 test rigs and test equipment are designed for electrical safety and functional tests either for end-line production or laboratory.
The relevant standards for electrical safety are CEI EN 60335-1 e CEI EN 60204-1.

MP500 e MP510 test rigs are electrical safety test semiautomatic appliances in portable metal boxes.
ESC800, ESC1000, ESC830 and ESC3000 test rigs are automatic and come in an electric cabinet.
ESC830 and ESC3000 est rigs are for balanced or not, three-phases systems.

Microline Test Procedures

Software test sequences can be set up directly by the user.
The software test sequences are associated with characteristic parameters that can be modified by the user.
Test procedures are recorded by code number, indicating the type of product under test.
All data can be saved and stored by Microline software in order to be used for statistics and production organization.

Rating plate data can be entered by keyboard or bar-code reading; in this case the association program-product type is automatic.

Connection to a Personal Computer

All Microline’s equipment is managed by microprocessor and can be connected to a remote Personal Computer for test management.
ESC models are also designed to take an industrial Personal Computer.

Microline Accessories

  • Bar-code reader
  • Earth test probe with start button
  • Manual or automatic box for checking measurement tolerances
  • Software for test management
  • Built-in PC/workstation
  • 40 column panel-mounted printer