Tests for automotive electric fans are available in two different formats; portable or fixed.

elettroventilatori_portPortable station

Testing is semi-automatic and run by a personal computer connected to the equipment.

Measurement of the number of revolutions and the direction of rotation is carried out by reflex optic sensor directly on the fan blades.

The portable model is designed for testing a single electric fan.VENTILATORI

Fixed station

The fixed version, comprising an electric control cabin and a mechanical bench with one or two stations, is automatic and can test a number of electric fans simultaneously.

Dynamic load can be simulated by using eddy current brakes with torque check.

Measurements and tests available

  • Absorbed power
  • Low voltage wiring
  • 0.99% duty cycle regulation
  • Individual overload supply cut-out
  • High temperature run-in
  • Number of revolutions and direction of rotation
  • Resistant and residual torque