Microline produces dimensional test equipment.

The equipment is automatic and performs dimensional tests using artificial vision systems.

The product is analyzed through a high resolution camera that is integrated in an optical group; the maximum size to be analyzed depends to the required accuracy.

The automation degree is defined by the needs of the customer: the loading / unloading of the products can be manual or totally automated and all the test can be integrated into a rotary table.

Dimensional tests on die-cast elements

The equipment performs no-contact dimensional tests on die-cast elements at the end of their production cycle.
It is integrated in the production line: a manipulator provided with a clamp picks up the pieces and releases them on a rotating table.
Then the piece is picked up to be measured on various angular positions by a telecentric bench for artificial vision.
The measurement at various angles is obtained through the motorized rotation and the lifting of the piece.
A peculiarity of this realization is to keep the external diameter of the eccentric shaped pieces in line with the objective, exploiting the minimum field of view and the maximum condition of repeatability of the measurement.
The pieces are unloaded via three slides: “good”, “reparable faults” and “non-reparable faults”.

Two-dimensional optical test
The product is inspected by a high-resolution black and white camera integrated in an optical unit that is equipped with telecentric lenses both on the measurement side and on the light source side.
The maximum size to be analyzed is closely related to the required accuracy and therefore to the objective used.

va-test-dimensionali2Available tests

  • Outer diameter measurements at different heights and angles
  • Correlation control between measured diameters (roundness, parallelism, deviation)
  • Misura dell’altezza della lavorazione al punto precedente
  • Other measures on the shape of the piece