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HallScreenshot HALLOGog is software for acquiring and running analog measurements; it is used to connect to an arbitrary datalogger unit and view, store and process the values acquired.

To make the interface easy to configure, Hallog is designed in modules: the data logging part is clearly sub-divided from the processing and viewing part.

Datalogging makes it possible to read data from any device, subject to it having a relative driver for communication.
The viewing part deals with processing the data obtained, in various formats, and making them visible to the user. Different viewing modules are available which can be run directly by the operator.

Main features of HALLOG

Developed with Microsoft .net 3.5 Framework technology:
– State-of-the-art programming language
– Modular software: basic version can be expanded with additional modules
-The same software can also be used on future Microline products

The following aspects are fully programmable:
– Communication with any type of hardware simply by installing the driver
– Viewing methods (views):

  • Charts (histograms, lines, pie)
  • Tables
  • Value grids (possibility to set thresholds beyond which an alarm is activated)

– Storage of acquired data:

  • Binary format
  • .csvformat (directly exportable to MS Excel)
  • Text format
  • Database

Operator interface: the number of working windows and their arrangement on the screen are fully programmable.

See the video presentation for HALLOG