Refrigeration & Conditioning

Household and professional

CAR1000 is designed to run functional tests on electrical equipment, in particular refrigerators of all kinds.

It consists of a control unit and a number of acquisition boxes placed near the products being tested.
The acquisition box monitors up to 5 temperatures and the current of the unit being tested.
At the end of the test cycle each acquisition box transfers the parameters it has recorded to the control station, where they are saved in a database and compared with the nominal values for the refrigerator being tested.

The test result is shown on the control station monitor and stored in the database.

Two configurations are available:

Batch test (for statistical tests)

Carusel1Products are tested in batches.
The acquisition boxes are usually fixed to the wall, and the items to test are placed next to them

When the test cycle is completed the products are removed and a new batch is connected to the test system.
The recorded parameters are transferred to the control station through a serial connection.

Association of parameters-model is made automatically by reading the product code with a bar code reader at the beginning of the test cycle.

Mobile carousel

Carusel2The acquisition boxes are mounted on a mechanism (carousel) that moves in a closed loop.
The items to be tested and the acquisition boxes are synchronised so that the two move together.
At the end of the cycle (loop) a switch on the acquisition box and one on the receiver are activated, giving the start command for data download.