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calorimetroCalorimeters and Flowmeters are laboratory appliances that measure the performance (C.O.P) of single/three phase hermetic refrigeration compressors, according to norms EN 13771-1 / ISO 917 / ASHRAE 23.




Calorimeter measures performance by means of a calorimetric vessel and is suitable for absolute performance measurements with high precision, state- of-the-art instruments.

It comprises a control unit to which up to 3 single station modules can be connected.

As well as C.O.P. tests, calorimeter can also carry out startability and break down tests.
All operational parameters and tolerances, setpoint and gauging values, are accessible to the customer to allow full control of the bench.


The interface software is used to define, view and monitor the test sequences.

Numerical and graphic presentation of the results assists in defining improvements to be made in order to develop the project.


A flowmeter measures performance by means of mass output measuring devices and is suitable for comparative measurements used in production control.

Compared to the calorimeter, the flowmeter response speed has priority over measuring accuracy so that a high number of compressors can be tested in the shortest possible time.

It comes with 3 or more stations, typically 6. Flowmeter requires a climatic chamber, which can be supplied on request.


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