Gas appliance and Heating


Microline equipment for end of line quality tests on boilers is automatic, modular and designed for automatic tests on the production line , guaranteeing conformity with norms and standards and efficiency for 100% production.

They are also used to test samples to check that the functional characteristics of the product correspond to those of the design.

As the instruments used are highly accurate, the test equipment is able to carry out normal end of line tests, as well as more thorough quality tests (efficiency, combustion, etc.) to check true correspondence to the nominal characteristics declared by the manufacturer.

Available Measurements and Tests

  • Earth connector efficiency
  • Insulation resistance
  • Dielectric strength
  • Absorbed power
  • Gas/hydraulic circuit leak
  • Gas flow rate
  • Nozzle pressure measurement and regulation
  • Check on safety thermocouple cut-in
  • Flame simulation and flame detection
  • Pressure, gas temperature and environment temperature measurement
  • Time measurement of gas stop with no flame
  • Check on closure of burner gas test port
  • Test on bulb thermostat through automatic temperature regulated test pit
  • Gas flow min and max measurement and regulation
  • Heating circuit modulation
  • Domestic hot water circuit modulation
  • Gas supply pressure measurement
  • Fume temperature reading
  • Chimney obstruction safety cut-in
  • Domestic hot water temperature
  • Gas valve coil current

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