Gas appliance and Heating


Microline equipment for line-end boilers test is automatic, modular and designed for automatic tests on the production line, guaranteeing functionality and checking conformity with norms and standards for gas appliances.

The equipment for boilers test makes a 100% check on production, to acceptability criteria declared by the manufacturer.

Checks can be made on gas circuit, heating circuit and domestic hot water circuit of each single component (pumps, fans, thermostats, etc.), as well as boiler control units.

The boilers test system’s extreme flexibility makes it possible to create dedicated programs for each model of boiler.
Traceability of the test results allows statistical analyses to be made.

Available measurements and tests

  • Earth connector efficiency
  • Insulation resistance
  • Dielectric strength
  • Absorbed power
  • Gas flow min. and max. measurement and regulation
  • Pressure, gas temperature and environment temperature measurement
  • Heating circuit modulation
  • Domestic hot water circuit performance
  • Time measurement of gas stop with no flame
  • Gas supply pressure measurement
  • Safety smoke detector