Gas appliance and Heating


Microline laboratory boilers test equipment is semi-automatic and modular and guarantees functionality as well as checking conformity to gas system standards.

The equipment tests boilers with atmospheric burners, condensation types and boilers with a power rating of no more than 50 KW.

The boilers test equipment is used to measure all the process variables with precision instruments to check operation of the boiler.

It is also used to carry out most of the tests required by Standards:
UN EN 89, UNI EN 297, UNI EN 483, UNI EN 13203


All parameters, test sequences, results and measurement gauging are run by a PC with operator interface.

Numerical and graphical presentation of the results is a valid aid in defining improvements to be made in developing the project.

Measurements and tests available

  • Absorbed power
  • Check on safety thermocouple cut-in
  • Pressure, gas temperature and environment temperature measurement
  • Domestic hot water circuit performance
  • Calculation of heat input
  • Calculation of useful efficiency
  • Combustion test (at nominal heat input and at partial load)
  • Calculation of the weighted NOx value

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