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Analogue data acquisition system for laboratory and R&D tests

The analogue data acquisition system is a modular device for the acquisition of groups of analogue differential channels, with possibility of setting the amplification ratio.
Alternatively of thermocouples, the equipment allows the monitoring of groups of temperature probes PT100.
Optoinsulated digital inputs/outputs are also available.

The analogue data acquisition system monitors readings as temperature, pressure, humidity,… so it is used for laboratory testing of refrigerators, also combined with a climatic chamber.

The acquisition software is Hallog.
It is a software for acquiring and running analog measurements; it is used to connect to an arbitrary datalogger unit and view, store and process the values acquired (temperature, pressure, humidity,…).

Data acquisition system for performance tests on refrigerator and air conditioner

The acquirer has been designed for functional testing of refrigerators on a carousel and has the following main functionalities:

– 3 or 5 NTC temperature sensors (range: range -50°C : +100°C, +/-1°C)
– amperometer (0 : 10 A, +/-1 f.s)
– watt-meter measuring available
– optoinsulated digital input arrangement (or scheduling) for “aquisition stop”
– multistandard power plugs supply (Italian+German+Usa and English)
– 2 poles differential thermal-magneto
– safety connector
– communication port available on the terminal board for hard-wired or optical data interface
– board code programming (from 001 to 128)
– signal light (fixed while acquisition is running, flashing when acquisition is finished)

New MPU05 acquisition system

MPU05 is the new CPU-embedded system developed by MICROLINE to meet data acquisition and distributed I/O requirements for configurations exceeding 100 units.

The hardware configuration has been designed for fast, precise and reliable acquisition of electrical, temperature, and industrial I/O values; the powerful 16-bit processor with DSP allows data to be saved, engineered, and/or transferred to higher-level supervision and control systems.
Considerable attention has been paid to communication, with complete versatility of protocols and standards.

The flexibility of the MPU05 system makes it suitable for many applications, including as an individual acquisition unit or for multiple stations, both in static test bays and in mobile stations, and can be perfectly integrated into more complex systems for managing individual functions, such as tightness tests and management of remote PID controllers.

Where an operator interface is required, a 4-row by 16-column backlit LCD display and alphanumeric keypad with up to 27 buttons is available.

MPU05 is supplied in a practical modular container with 9 units for DIN rail mounting.

Technical specifications

General specifications
– Power supply: 230 V – 50 Hz, power consumption 5.5 VA
– Operating temperature: 0 to 50 °C
– Connections: screw terminals for wires up to 2.5mm
– Dimensions: 158x90x57 mm, assembly on 35 mm rail (DIN 46277)
– Weight: 450 grams
– CPU: 16-bit DsPIC33 – 40 MIPS with 256 kB Flash, 32 kB RAM – SPI Bus
External memory: 8 MB serial Flash memory, 128 kB serial EEPROM

Digital I/Os
– 8 x 24 Vdc opto-isolated digital inputs (2500 V)
– 1 opto-isolated fast digital input, max > 1 MHz
– 8 x 24 Vdc opto-isolated digital outputs, 100 mA

Analogue I/Os (all with 12-bit resolution)
– 4 inputs for NTC temperature probes (10K 25°C, Beta 3977)
– 2 configurable inputs, selected between:
AC + DC current (input from CT or external transducer)
Vac + Vdc voltage (input from VT or external transducer)
Temperature with NTC probe (10K 25°C, Beta 3977)
– 1 analogue output with voltage signal (0 to 5V / -5 to +5V)

– 1 fast interface module for Ethernet, WirelessRF or CANbus standards
– 2 configurable serial ports: RS232 – RS422 – C.LOOP 20 mA

Operator interface (optional)
– 1 interface with 4-row by 16-column backlit LCD display
– 1 interface with alphanumeric matrix keypad featuring up to 27 buttons.